Airdrops for LP Providers

KubDrops for LP Providers!

We will randomly airdrop BONUS LP to all liquidity providers!

LP providers will also receive special perks during the NFT Genesis Collection minting. Details coming soon!


Providing real use to a deflationary meme token in the Terra ecosystem. Starting out as a just-for-fun token, TKUB has reached many more users than initially planned. Because of such growth, we plan to expand the use case for TKUB, giving it more value and making it more than just a meme. To do this, we plan to create an NFT marketplace where users that hold TKUB will gain early access to new NFT collections.


Total Supply: 1,000,000,000* TKUB

*Approx. 14% of total supply burned so far! (As of 2/2/2022)


Initial tokens sent to
provide liquidity


Provide more liquidity / Liquidity incentives


Giveaways & Marketing




Future supply burn


Team wallet

Deflation In Detail

A 10% tax is applied to certain transactions – 4% is burned immediately and 6% is sent to a marketing wallet. Taxed transactions include buying and selling TKUB, transferring TKUB between wallets, providing liquidity with UST and TKUB (on TKUB tokens only), and withdrawing liquidity with UST and TKUB (on TKUB tokens only)

Providing Liquidity

Users can provide liquidity in the TKUB/UST pair on Liquidity is needed to allow users to buy and sell TKUB on the market. The larger the liquidity pool is, the less whales are able to manipulate the price. Starting out as a small, just-for-fun token, not a lot of liquidity was provided. 

Since launch and such growth, we have added more liquidity to the pool, but aren’t able to provide nearly as much as is needed. To reward users for providing liquidity, whatever trading fees are accumulated are distributed to the liquidity pool. However, providing liquidity exposes you to the risk of impermanent loss, so make sure you understand how that may affect your final value before you provide.


Soon we will be launching our very own NFT collection. Users that hold some value of TKUB will have early access to purchasing those NFTs. That value will be determined closer to the launch of the Genesis NFT Collection. Down the road we plan to create an NFT marketplace where NFT creators can launch their collections and artwork.
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